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What is Innergy?

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The Power of Consistency in Workouts

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Creating the Perfect Environment for Restful Sleep

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Wellness Wednesdays: Midweek Strategies for Recharging

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Innergy is on a MISSION to better the world by helping individuals awaken their inner energy, based on the belief that everything you need to grow and thrive is already inside you.

Innergy is a COMMUNITY of people who want to awaken a spirit, to find a holistic approach to living that serves as a catalyst for growth and strength in all areas.

Innergy is an APP with an extensive and constantly-expanding library of content, equipped to support every stage of your evolution. More than just a tool to get fit, de-stress, improve mental and emotional health, or revitalize your diet…


…Innergy is a PARTNER in unlocking the very best version of you.

About IMIH

Innergy is brought to you by the Institute for Meditation and Inner Harmony, a global non-profit organization of people who are passionate about meditation and harmonious living. IMIH’s founders and Board of Directors come from a varied background of practices in meditation, well-being, and healthy living, and all are passionate about sharing with others the positive impact holistic wellness and living can have on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

IMIH’s mission is to research and share the proven benefits of meditation and mind/body wellness with individuals, communities, and the world. Our distinguished board of advisors is comprised of doctors, medical and meditation experts, nutritionists, physical trainers, and therapists who also follow a holistically healthy way of life.

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